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Gaza, the Goy!

Israelis have many things to say about Palestinians, none of them humanising or related to reality. They continue to create their false narrative making Orwellian words their allies. From 1948 to today, words have been a weapon as important as their army, their navy and their air force.

Studies and Reports
Predictions of the Third War on Gaza

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on Gaza is the third largest military confrontation between the Zionist entity and the Palestinian resistance movements since Hamas became the sole ruler of the Gaza Strip in July 2007. This paper deconstructs the war environment and identifies the objectives that both Israel and Hamas seek to achieve through this confrontation, and discusses the assumptions that lured Israel into initiating its “Operation Protective Edge”. It also analyses the influence of the regional climate and the balance of ...

Policy Analysis Unit
Main issues after the war on Gaza.. Visions and perceptions

For the sake of having visions of the Palestinian elite about the Impact ,consequences and changes in the Palestinian society after the Israeli war on Gaza. The Contemporary Center for Studies and Policy Analysis (MEDAD) has recently conducted an elite poll

Policy Analysis Unit

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Elite Poll
Policy Paper


Seminar: Islamists in Palestine after the Arab Spring

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